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About 'Dreams of Gold'

To dream dreams of gold. What a concept! To be honest, we usually dream dreams of lead, never allowing ourselves to dare to hope.

But taking the risk, and dreaming dreams of gold, prises open the door to our imagination, leading us steadily to a life of wide eyed wonder. And what greater gift is there, than living life alongside someone who can hope for what is outside the limits of our imagination?


StereoSnap is a bubble where three creative energies meet. But creative energies aside, the word ‘family’ comes to mind when describing Nishma, Benjamin and Adrien’s relationship.

Benjamin and Adrien, both French and white, who may or may not have at one point wanted to be black, bring together the rhythms, sounds and harmonies to create instrumentals that make you nod your head. Nishma, always with a book in one hand, brings pen to paper to give life to her musings.

And what is the result of all this? A minimalist pop music with hints of hip hop and tones of soul with words that forge a delicate balance between the search for beauty and the search for the truth.

Nishma is passionate about cultural relations. Her parents are from India and Italy and she was brought up in the UK. She has experienced first hand how music can break down cultural barriers, and act as a bridge between people groups.  

Adrien, a drum teacher, is aware of the impact that practicing your instrument can have on the development of self and on the  relationships with those around you.

Benjamin, an engineer specialised in innovative product development, looks to bridge the artistic world with the entrepreneurial world.

All three know that music allows us to say things and explore concepts, that we otherwise would not be permitted to explore.

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